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Treatment Lenders provides financing options for healthcare related co-pays, deductibles, or even finance the entire cost. Whether you are looking for financing for addiction treatment, plastic surgery, or even a dental procedure Treatment Lenders can assist you.

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Behavior health (substance abuse, rehabs etc.)

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Treatment Lenders has the most current up-to-date lenders that provide financing for these types of treatments and have the best rates in the country. Our treatment financing is fast, easy, and affordable, the funds can be wired into your account the very same day in some cases.
There is a huge need in the behavioral health financing because of the health insurance industries either denying coverage, or co-pays or deductibles that are too high for patients to handle. Treatment Lenders allows you to finance an inpatient drug or alcohol treatment center for the entire stay if needed. Receiving the right treatment for drug or alcohol abuse can be the difference between life and death in some cases, if high deductibles or co-pays is holding you back from receiving the treatment you need, please see if our financing can help.
Treatment Lenders have partnerships with lenders that specialize in financing for rehabs, and can provide the best loans for substance abuse treatment. Our goal is to provide you lending options so you can choose the financing that can help you with care or procedure you need.